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Fight Fraud, Get Timely Updates, and Improve Record Keeping With New ClerkAlert Notification System

As new and sophisticated scams target residents in Jefferson County in general, The Jefferson County Clerk's Office is proactively providing ClerkAlert: a free sign-up notification system offered through Business Information Systems that will alert property holders and business leaders any time documents are recorded under their name or business name.

“While we're glad property and mortgage fraud remains relatively rare in our community, it's still important to be on guard,” said Bobbie Holsclaw, Jefferson County Clerk. “Our new partnership brings in a third-party company with the experience and know-how to deliver the timely information and peace of mind people need to protect their businesses and themselves against fraud. We're working to stop an issue with fraudulent recordings before it starts in our county, and partnering with Business Information Systems on this effort is a key piece of that endeavor.”

The ClerkAlert system gives instant notification of document recordings to those who sign up, providing proactive heads-up information and security benefits. The notices sent by Business Information Systems help protect both private property holders and business leaders from fraud through 24/7 monitoring—even under multiple names.

ClerkAlert adds to the Jefferson County Clerk's Office's efforts to provide service based on value, integrity, and performance even beyond helping citizens watch out for scam efforts. ClerkAlert notifications help give property owners additional notification that an authentic filing was received, complementing current mailed notices that can easily be lost or misplaced. It also allows for more modern electronic record-keeping efforts.

When property holders sign up online for ClerkAlert, they simply need to enter their name or the name of their business, and an email address to receive alerts. Once submitted, they'll then receive a notification any time documents in that name are recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk's Office, allowing them to take the next appropriate steps to either log their own records or prevent scammers from making them their next target.

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This department assists the public in retrieving, researching, copying and viewing legal documents.

Document Types:

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  • Executive Orders
  • Name Changes
  • Wills
  • Liens and Lien Releases
  • Subdivision and Condominium Plat
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