Bobbie Holsclaw, Jefferson County Clerk, continued a long administrative trend of good stewardship of taxpayer dollars by presenting a check to Louisville Metro Government on June 15 that returned $8,053,339.23 in surplus from her sixth administrative term (2019-2022).

“Only when an expenditure directly benefits the people of Jefferson County is it to be considered,” said Holsclaw. “I believe that responsible financial practices are the key to good governance. As an office, we have been able to maintain and improve the services we deliver to Jefferson County citizens and still keep focused on the bottom line.”

Unlike other publicly held offices that operate with a budget, the County Clerk is mandated by Kentucky statutes to close their four-year term with a balanced budget, or the Clerk is held personally responsible for the deficit. Since taking office more than two decades ago, Bobbie Holsclaw has not only balanced the budget of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office but exceeded that requirement for every term. In her first term as County Clerk (1999-2002), Bobbie returned a surplus of $2,744,957.86 to the county; her second term surplus was $2,530,392.50; her third term surplus was $1,917,251.34; her fourth term surplus was $2,512,171.54 and her fifth term surplus was $1,569,480.76. The total returned to Jefferson County from her 24 years as Jefferson County Clerk now totals $19,337,752.24.