2016 is certain to be a memorable year for the staff of the JCCO Election Center. Not only will they be tackling the Presidential Election this November, they will be doing so from a brand new headquarters. Yes, the Election Center, along with the Finance, Government Relations and Human Resources divisions, have moved to the Edison Center at 701 West Ormsby. After decades occupying the Urban Government Center, these JCCO departments finally relocated on Friday, July 22nd.

For years, the Edison Center in Old Louisville sat dormant. Originally functioning as a service station for Louisville Gas and Electric, the 100,000 square-foot complex went without tenants until 2014 when the property was purchased by developer Bill Weyland. After two years of extreme renovations and updates, the facility is ready to house many government organizations and agencies (like the Air Pollution Control Board and Metro Police Narcotics Division).

The Election Center, along with HR, Government Relations and Finance, are stationed on the 3rd floor of the complex. “Right off the bat, you are struck by the huge windows and great amounts of natural light,” says Bobbie Holsclaw, Jefferson County Clerk. “The move was something that’s been talked about for a long time, and we’re pleased with the facility and its amenities.”

The Edison Center was constructed with an open concept. While offices are reserved for Directors, all other employees will occupy large work stations. The wide open spaces should allow for improved communication and increased employee interaction, all without sacrificing productivity.

Tours of the facility were held in May, allowing all JCCO employees involved in the relocation to view and assess their new home. The overwhelmingly positive response on part of the staff has only added to the enthusiasm about the move. “Everyone is very excited and very ready,” says Mrs. Holsclaw. “It’s sort of like buying a new house. Yes, you’ll miss the space you were used to, and all the memories involved. But now you have something even better, an upgrade, that provides a clean slate and new opportunities for memories and teamwork.”

While the third floor will serve as the central hub of the relocated JCCO offices, the first floor comes complete with a media room, one which will be utilized by the Public Relations department on Election Day. Adjacent to the media room is a break area sporting vending machines, tables and chairs. In time, a cafeteria may be installed.

The city of Louisville has high hopes for the Edison Center. With so many government employees relocating to 7th and Ormsby, Old Louisville looks to get an injection of commerce and foot traffic. Not only will Edison residents be looking for local lunch spots, they will be driving through Old Louisville every day, making stops at convenient stores, shops and gas stations. This additional activity in the area is sure to help boost the neighborhood economy. From a long-term standpoint, the Edison Center may prove to be one of the first initiatives in a long line of revitalizing efforts for the area.